The Florida Kilos a.k.a. Florida Keys a.k.a FL KILOS were started on a boat in Florida in 2010 in an effort to capture a sound and feeling of the echoes of leftover pop and garage and beachy tourist trash from Florida. The band released their first EP "Clearwater Blues" with the B Side "Gaytona" "Daytona" on vinyl 45s that immmediately sold out. 

 After being asked to tour with other trendsetters such as the Growlers, the Night Beats, and Broncho, the band returned to Florida to discover they had kicked off a scene and sound. Disgusted, at the unintented echoes in their wake; the group gave away their second vinyl pressing for free and decided to persue other more fringe interests. Recently interest in the band by many and high profile fans such as Lana Del Rey has made the band decide to continue writing songs pressing limited vinyls for collectors of 60's garage and psych sounds. 

 A limited amount of shows to be performed in 2014. 

For booking or other inquiry please contact Jesse Rosoff @ Madison House Agency 

The Florida Keys are: 

Pryscila : Drums & Vocals 

Shawn : Bass & Vocals

Jasmine : Guitar & Vocals