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Press: Tim Kay / For Interview and Press Requests Please Contact Tim over at ForestFireMedia(at)

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Pryscila Loren on Drums / Katherine Kelly on Guitars and Vocals / Shawn Kyle on Bass and Vocals 


Pryscila while working as a lifeguard saved Shawn from drowning (true story). Katherine grew up on the beach, and made friends on the road. They all met, fell in love and got sunburns and a van together (true story). It was decided that their mutual love of rock and roll music, AM stations on transistor radios and sunburns was no mistake. They started a band to play the sort of music they loved ... Just for the hell of it. They picked up 60's Fender guitars and old tube reverb amplifiers and see-thru drumkits that light up, because those sorts of things grow on trees in sunny Florida. Pryscila wrote a letter to Hal Blaine (of the Wrecking Crew) and asked how to tune her drumkit and he replied back with encouragement. Shawn contacts Carol Kaye (of the Wrecking Crew) about bass lessons. Katherine learned to surf via listening to Dick Dale and gets a blue skull tatooed on her chest. They wrote some songs in the garage and then ... 

Their first show was with He's My Brother She's My Sister. Their second was opened by Hundred Waters and Levek. Their third was with the Night Beats. Then they met even more bands & friends & fans of music that offered encouragement and support, and the shows become sock hops. 

Currently the group is preparing for their September - October tour with the Growlers (Midwest) and Broncho (Southeast). The band still loves eachother, and look forward to bringing their sounds of sun and vacational excess to everyone. 

Upcoming 4 song vinyl 7" EP to be released Fall 2012, recorded and mixed by Drew Vandeberg (Toro Y Moi, Deerhunter, Camper Van Beethoven